i-PCGRID Workshop

Innovations in Protection and Control for Greater Reliability Infrastructure Development

2019 Presentations

A0_Event Sheet-2019.pdf



AC_Program-i-PCGRID 2019.pdf

Alex Apostolov - Real-world Digital Substation Experience - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Ali Daneshpooy - Over-voltages in Inverter-based Systems - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Babak Enayati - Impacts of the IEEE 1547, Standard of DER Interconnections, on Smart Inverters - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Chifong Thomas - Expanding the Clearance Window to Support Construction and Maintenance - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Chris Root - Challenges of an Evolving Electric Grid - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Chul-Hwan Kim - Protection System for DC Distribution Lines - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Damir Novosel - Modernizing the Grid - IEEE PES Initiatives - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Daniel Gabel - ComEd Overview - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

David Whitehead - Visualizing Incipent Faults Using Traveling Waves - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Dmitry Kosterev - Steve Yang - Sam Hirsi - California Studies Synchrophasor RAS Out-of-Step Protection on COI Hydro Generation Black-start Experience - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Eric Udren - Synchrophasor-based Wide Area Backup Protection System - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Franz Stadtmueller - Juergen Holbach - Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter for Fire Prevention - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Galina Antonova - Optical Sensors Interfacing to Process Bus - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Gordon Kawaley - BPA-FCRPS Power Plant Modeling Collaboration Overview - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Hamody Hindi - Application of Risk to Transmission Planning - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Jason Allnutt - IEEE Conformity Assessment Program - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Jeff Wischkaemper - Distribution Fault Anticipation Technology Reducing Wildfire Ignition Risk through Advanced Electrical Monitoring - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

John Boudreaux - Integrated Planning and Modeling at Entergy - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

John Finney - Adoption of Digital Solutions to Improve Grid Reliability - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

John Skeath - Reliability Perspectives for Bulk Power System Inverter-Based Resources - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Jonathan Seager - Community Wildfire Safety Program - iPCGRID Workshop 2019.pdf

Joseph Svachula - Exelon Utilities - Utility of the Future Strategy - iPCGrid Workshop 2019.pdf

Jyrki Penttonen - Modern Adaptive Earth Fault Compensation - Enhancing Grid Safety - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Manu Parashar - Modern Energy Management Systems - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Marianna Vaiman - Machine Learning for Parameters of Linear State Estimation and Event Detection - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Mark Carpenter - Enhancing Distribution System Operations through Systems and Analytics - iPCGRID Workshop 2019.pdf

Masoud Karimi - Robust and Grid-Supportive Operation of DERs under Unbalanced Grid Conditions - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Michael Jensen - Impact of Renewables on Protection Schemes - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Mihir Desu - Compensating DER for a DSO Future - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Niklas Winter - Swedish Neutral Ground Fault Neutralizer - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Om Nayak - Hardware In The Loop - REAL TIME DIGIAL SIMULATOR - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Pavel Etingov - PNNL Tools for Advanced Synchrophasor Analysis - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Peter Fuhr - Industrial System Cyber Security - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Peter Klauer - DER Communication Requirements - iPCGRID 2019.pdf


Ralph Mackiewicz - Securing Routable GOOSE for RAS - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Ramon Leon Candela - Grid Modernization at ISA - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Richard Hunt - Digital Substation as a Building Block for Power System Operations - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Robert Cummings - From Here to There - Grid Reliability in the Grid of the Future - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Robert Merring - DER Communication Requirements - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Roderick Robinson - Communication and Collaboration - Managing the Ever Changing Grid - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Ruomei Li - Ruomei Li - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Sakis Meliopoulos - Resilient and Cyber Secure Centralized Substation Protection - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Sal Cardella - Continuous Transient Oscillography - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Sam Alaeddini - Chris Bolton - Jeff Shiles - Aaron Feathers - Automated Protection Panel - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Scott Mix - Software Defined Networks for Energy Delivery Systems -iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Skip Kurz - New Generation of Energy, Technology, Security, and Reliable Power Delivery - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Tom Bialek - Integrated Planning - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Vahid Madani - The Road Ahead - Autonomous Power Gridi - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Xinzhou Dong - Distance Protection Immune to Power System Oscillation for Power Line - iPCGRID 2019.pdf

Yilu Liu - Frequency Response Assessment and Improvement of Three Major North American Interconnections due to High Penetrations of Photovoltaic Generation - iPCGRID 2019.pdf



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