i-PCGRID Workshop

Innovations in Protection and Control for Greater Reliability Infrastructure Development

2011 Presentations

1. i-PCGRID 2011 Workshop Program.pdf

2. i-PCGRID 2011 Biographies and Profiles.pdf

Arons i-PCGRID 2011 Implementations of the C-RAS.pdf

Bekkedhal i-PCGRID 2011 PNW Smart Grid Demo.pdf

Bowermaster i-PCGRID 2011 Plug-in Electric Vehicles.pdf

Brown i-PCGRID 2011 Plausible Features for the Grid of the 21st Century.pdf

Brunner-Apostolov-Udren i-PCGRID 2011 What's New 61850.pdf

Dasso i-PCGrid 2011 Building a Sustainable Electric System.pdf

Day i-PCGRID 2011 Utility Synchrophasor Deployments.pdf

Dutcher i-PCGRID 2011 Threat Actor Profiles.pdf

Duvelson i-PCGRID 2001 Bridging the Gap.pdf

Giri-Parashar-Wulf i-PCGRID 2011 SynchroPhasor Measurement-Based Applications for the Control Center.pdf

Guzman i-PCGRID 2011 Distribution Feeder Fault Location.pdf

Harad i-PCGRID 2011 IEEE 1588 v2 and High Availability Seamless Redundancy.pdf

Kosterev i-PCGRID 2011 Synchro-Phasor Applications at BPA.pdf

MacLaren-i-PCGRID 2011 Phasor Data Applications.pdf

Madani-Novosel i-PCGRID 2011 New Frontiers in Revitalizing the Grid.pdf

Madani-Rahmatian i-PCGRID 2011 Global Synchronized Phasor Measurement Standards.pdf

Meliopoulos i-PCGRID 2011 Relay PDC and GPS-Synchronized Equipment Testing.pdf

Mix i-PCGRID 2011 Emerging CIP Standards.pdf

Montoya i-PCGRID 2011 Keynote - SCE Utility for 2020 and Beyond.pdf

Morris i-PCGRID 2011 A World-Class Smart Grid Education and Workforce Training Center.pdf

Newton i-PCGRID 2011 Global Outlook for P&C Investment and Use of Phasor Measurement Technology.pdf

Rahman i-PCGRID 2011 SDGE Synchrophasor Project.pdf

Rahmatian i-PCGRID 2011 Testing and Verification of Interoperability in Synchrophasor Systems.pdf

Silverstein i-PCGRID 2011 North American SynchroPhasor Initiative.pdf

Vujovic i-PCGRID 2011 Asset Management SG Lessons Learned.pdf

Wells i-PCGrid 2011 PMU Applications Using CSSP.pdf



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